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Glen Herbert
Editor/Writer, Our Kids Media

December, 2019

Since we began the user reviews, the responses have been a lot of things: funny, surprising, informative. They’ve also been personal in all kinds of telling ways. Reading through these can feel like being with friends gathered in a coffee shop talking honestly about their experiences. There are some grumbles, with parking and transportation being a bugbear. But then there’s also this:

“ … [it] feels like home and a second family for me. As a shy, quiet boy, the caring school community has given me the priceless opportunity to be comfortable in my shoes and feel part of something special.”
student, De La Salle College

“ … you become family and have family at the school … ”
student, Dragon Academy

“Everything changed … discussions about politics, art and history [became] common ground for the dinner table.”
parent, Dragon Academy

“You feel connected to all of the students at Nancy Campbell even if you are not the same age or in the same grade. Everyone wants to help each other out and be there for one another. No one feels left out.”
student, Nancy Campbell Academy

“ … you're not just a number within the system, here everyone cares about you and wants to see you succeed.”
student, Hudson College

The user review hub continues to grow, becoming, as far as we know, the largest archive of its kind in Canada. Parents and students use it, though we use it, too, to inform and support editorial content. It provides a unique and personal view onto a unique, personal world.

In other news

  • Our review of Meadowridge School published in print and online this month, becoming the latest in the series. There are now more than 20 in print, each offering third-party perspective—based on interviews with parents, students, faculty, and alumni—of the character, the personalities, the sights and sounds that animate the life of a school. If you’d like sample copies of any of them, let me know by responding to this email.

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