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Glen Herbert - Editor

Glen Herbert
Editor/Writer, Our Kids Media

November, 2020

You may have noticed a new child-suitability filter on our school profiles. This is part of a vital addition to our platform—one which connects school and child information—what we’re calling “Child-School Insights.”

When visiting school profiles, parents will now receive school-choice advice customized to their children’s unique traits, such as their academic and mental focus, learning interests, learning styles, and social tendencies. We’ve also launched a Child-School Insight hub, where parents can access child-specific school-choice advice by both child and school types.

Our Child-School Insights will enable families to research and evaluate schools in a deeper and more holistic way—where both schools and children figure prominently. For you, this means a more targeted audience: more families will intensively research your school in terms of their children’s unique suitability and will seriously consider enrolling.

What’s more, you’ll have the opportunity to supplement the school-choice advice on your school profile. Through your Our Kids control panel (via our new Child Insights section), you can reinforce, clarify, or contextualize what we say by providing salient information about your school.


The Staff of 2030: The importance of teaching, learning, and leading during a time of change

With education systems around the world changing at a very fast pace, it is critical to better understand the insights and perspectives of educators today in order to see what the profession might look like by 2030. The Economist Intelligence Unit, commissioned by Microsoft, conducted a study of over 1000 pre-service and early-career teachers to gauge their views, opinions, and predictions on the future of teaching, values they will bring to future classrooms, and how they can best equip students to thrive. Download the study and read its findings today!

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