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Glen Herbert - Editor

Glen Herbert
Editor/Writer, Our Kids Media

November, 2021

“I call it the gravy,” says Isabel Sankaran-Wee, director of advancement at Stratford Hall in Vancouver. “That’s how you have to market the schools. We very much live by what we say, that we’re ‘education beyond the traditional.’”

I met with Isabel in her office on a recent visit, happy to be in the same room if behind a plastic barrier. Her point is that while parents will often say that what they are looking for in a school is strong academics, what they ultimately are looking for are the other things—who you are, the space you occupy in the academic world, your history, traditions, and culture, how the curriculum is delivered—that cement your brand identity. Your gravy. All the other things that you are, the things that make you, you.

That’s the point where the Our Kids’ brand intersects with yours. We are uniquely able to communicate the value and positioning of the schools we promote, precisely because we can deliver messages about your brand—who you are, the space you occupy, your differentiation—that would be hard, if not impossible, for you to say about yourself. A video testimonial on our site reads as genuine in ways that a video testimonial on your site, or on your social media platforms, won’t. As a third-party space, we have a unique latitude for that kind of communication, precisely because we have a distinct authority with our readership.

That’s also why Our Kids is where families go to form their perceptions of your school. Given the structure of our profiles and tools, they are able to compare like to like, to investigate within a setting that has been created for that kind of investigation. They can also access things like print and video testimonials, editors’ reviews, a range of detailed search tools, and curated editorial content that, because they exist outside of your media, grant a unique authenticity to the messages they communicate.

In turn, Our Kids drives highly-qualified families to your school—families who are interested in what you offer as encapsulated by your brand. That’s ultimately what we bring to the table: an authoritative, third-party platform that’s the most effective and cost-efficient way to market your school.

To learn more about the marketing insights we’ve gained over two decades in the educational realm, please read our latest guidebook: ROI: Uncommon Advice on Measuring the Results of School Marketing Campaigns.

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