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April, 2022

I’ve been talking to schools about their marketing strategies in the last 3 years. While each school has its own approach to marketing, there are a few areas where many schools struggle.

Last fall, we created the ROI handbook to help schools to summarize and simplify some of these problems (if you haven’t read it already, here it is). Moving forward, we’ll include snippets from each chapter of the ROI handbook in The Insider and we hope it’ll help you refocus and elevate your marketing strategy.

KEY #1

All purchases involve risk. But few involve more risk than choosing an independent School.

This is because:

  • School is costly. It costs more than all but a few things families buy in their life. Families give up a lot of their net worth to pay for school, and that puts them on guard when buying.
  • Education is important to families. So they worry about choosing the right school—much more than when buying other things.
  • Families looking for independent schools believe they vary in quality and fit. (The families who believe this are the ones who seek paid alternatives to public schools). So they see a cost to making a “wrong choice”.
  • When choosing a school, families can’t “try before they buy.” Nor can they “buy a little” before they “buy a lot.” Yes, they can visit a school. But that’s not the same as trying it, which requires enrolling (and staying for a while). Few other purchases are this opaque or involve this much uncertainty.
  • School costs are “sunk.” Families can’t recover the costs of a wrong choice. With a shirt, they can return it for a refund. With a car, they can sell it on the used market. But with school, they can’t get back what they put in. They lose their time and money, and disrupt their child’s development.

Any of these things alone make buying something feel riskier than normal. But combine them and it’s clear why families perceive so much risk when choosing schools.

Read the ROI Book

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