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Glen Herbert - Editor

Glen Herbert
Editor/Writer, Our Kids Media

February, 2022

“We don’t have a huge marketing team,” says Teralee Brunn, principal at Sunnybrook School in Toronto. “I do most of the writing myself, so when I got this, my first thought was ‘oh no, more homework,’” she says, laughing. I was asking her about the Brand Identity section that has been added to the profiles, a series of questions around who you are rather than what you offer. The questions include “What do you do differently?” “What aspect of your school is underappreciated?” and “Why do families choose you?” The content will ultimately sit near the top of your profile.

“I could have written it myself,” says Brunn. “But it got me thinking. Everything on the [school’s] website, for example, that’s my words. So, for this, let’s take it outside of just me, and let’s really explore this. Let’s do this properly.”

She used the six Brand Identity questions—designed to build selective perception—to create a survey that she has now shared with school parents. (“We even added in a couple more about marketing, so we get that perspective.”) She held roundtable discussions with staff about each of the questions included in the initiative. In early March, she’s going to ask the students, too, convening focus groups with the Grade 5s and 6s. “We want to do it justice, not just quickly.”

Brunn’s hope is to “really get a bigger picture of where we are so that we can use it properly, and to our advantage.” She admits that there might be some surprises, and, in fact, she hopes there are. “I can’t wait to hear what they’ve said. Because it’s interesting, now, because of the pandemic, things have shifted a bit. Maybe they’re seeing different things than we’ve intended. I don’t know.” But she’s finding out.

You’ll find the Brand Identity questions within your c-panel in the Online Profile section. It’s the second field, just beneath School Details. Starting later this year, we’ll showcase your responses near the top of your profile.

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