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Glen Herbert
Editor/Writer, Our Kids Media

March, 2022

When parents tour potential schools, they get to interact with lots of different stakeholders. They meet with administration, and often students. In many schools, of course, current students lead the parent tours. They are also typically given access to parent ambassadors, current parents of the school.

One group of stakeholders they often don’t have a chance to interact with is arguably one of the most important: alumni. Alumni are perhaps the only ones who can speak to the full gamut, including the enrolment, student, and post-grad experiences. And while many schools with secondary programs will promote their university placement rates, alumni put a face to that concept; it’s one thing to talk about placement, and another to hear from a real person who really achieved her post-secondary goals.

They can also talk to the experience of leaving a school, which often is profound. In many alumni videos, they reflect on what the lasting experience is, and the value of having a “home,” a community that they can always return to.

We’re happy to say that we now have the nation's largest collection of alumni videos. They are heavily viewed, as they should be. If you recently renewed your 2022-23 membership, expect an email with instructions to start this year’s videos. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager. We’re always here to help.

Showcasing innovation in higher education with EmpowerEd

Several Canadian universities and colleges are driving transformation and innovation within their institutions using technology, paired with practices that embrace and enhance the current hybrid learning model.

To examine this further, Microsoft has launched EmpowerEd—a new virtual series focused solely on bringing awareness of current topics of interest to school leaders, faculty, and students. In partnership with Canadian post-secondary institutions, they are hosting in-depth discussions to share strategies and concepts to positively impact student education, as well as inspire administration and educators.

To kick off this series, EmpowerEd will launch the following two sessions this March, hosted by our own @Elka Walsh:

Join the conference

Registration is free.
If you wish to attend either session, please register here.

Featured Speakers:

Christa Morrison
Business Systems Specialist, McMaster University

Dr. Joseph A. Kim
Associate Professor of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour, McMaster University

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