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James Shi

James Shi
Lecturer, Our Kids Media

April, 2023

We understand that marketing schools is unlike any other type of marketing. Awareness is not enough: families need to consider you very thoroughly before enrolling.

We refer to this intricate process of finding the optimal choice as "extended problem solving," a journey that families often take, even when they’re quite confident about their final choice. Throughout this journey, families study information from various sources, including but not limited to your website, alumni, and insights from students, parents, teachers, education experts, and their network of families and friends.

Families use “extended problem solving” not just when choosing schools but for virtually all important decisions. At the recent CAIS conference, Greig Ewing from Rundle College shared how he used this method to purchase a bicycle:

Greig was in the market for a new high-performance bike. 

He knew which bike he wanted at the start. Yet he still spent hours watching numerous review videos and he read blogs from bike enthusiasts. He even compared his dream bike against its competitors—without any intention of purchasing them—solely to validate his initial choice. 

Curiously, Greig never visited the bike company's website during his research.

This might appear irrational. Greig expended considerable effort only to arrive back where he started. Yet, for Greig, this seemingly circuitous route was indispensable in cultivating the emotional confidence necessary to reach an important decision that would impact his life for years to come.

Similar to Greig, parents don't rely solely on your website or owned media to gain confidence in your school. Instead, they conduct exhaustive online searches for reviews and comparisons through external sources to validate their decision that your school is the optimal choice. 

And Our Kids helps them navigate this complex and personal journey by offering them objective and incisive third-party insights from alumni, experts, parents, and current students.

To learn more about how schools use Our Kids to engage families throughout the decision journey, see here. 

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