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James Shi

James Shi
Lecturer, Our Kids Media

February, 2023


What’s holding up your school marketing strategy?

You did everything right.

You created two sturdy ‘legs’ for your school marketing campaign:

1.  A superlative school website. 

2.  A campaign to drive lots of traffic towards it.

But the results were underwhelming. 

Families didn’t engage as much as you had hoped. An increase in enrollment remained elusive. 

You know something could’ve been done better… but what? 

Maybe you need to get a new stool.

One with three legs:

Leg 1.  Engage families genuinely interested in private school 

Consider that only 22% of Canadians are parents of school-aged children (StatCan).

Then consider that of those children attending school in Canada, only 6% attend an independent school. 

This means that your target market is about 1% of the population.  

Precisely targeting such a small market is a challenge. 

Yet practically everyone in this demographic finds their way to Our Kids.  

And stays there for their whole school-choice journey. 

Leg 2.  Reach families when they are most receptive

Your school’s website might come up when parents search online, especially if you’ve paid for it to come up in the ads section.

And those parents might even click through to your site. 

But we can guarantee they won’t be maximally engaged. .

This is because Interruption advertising rarely catches families in the correct mindset.

Our Kids, in contrast, is search and intent-driven, so when families land on it, they're already looking for information about your school and are ready to be influenced. 

Which brings us onto the third leg of the stool.

Leg 3.  Convey information in a way that’s credible

Schools are not impulse purchases. They are chosen through a process called ‘extended decision making’. 

Basically this means that parents lose a lot of sleep over their decision. They need to gain confidence through deep, clear, lucid information– and as much of it as they can get. 

And the very best way they can gain this confidence is through a trusted third party.

Like Our Kids. 

Creating the perfect stool

When families come to Our Kids they’re eager to hear your story, at the right time, in the right context, and told in the right way by a trusted source.

It sounds like a really simple stool.

And, in a way, it is. 

But it’s taken us 25 years to perfect.

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